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Are positive elements of losing your drivers license because of a brain injury?

I lost mine after the crash, I felt like a failure, until I started my affiliation with Rural Ottawa South Support Services (ROSSS). What they provided was more than simply drives, because to them I’m a person (the disability …

What helmets do for a football player in the game

I didn’t play football, so what I’m sharing is strictly from research. Yes, helmets play a crucial role in football by providing protection to players’ heads during the game. While helmets cannot completely eliminate the risk of head injuries, they are designed to reduce the severity of impact and minimize the chances of skull fractures and brain injuries.

How can music help recovery after an acquired brain injury

Music can be a powerful tool in the recovery process after an acquired brain injury (ABI). I listen to quite a bit, and listening to it has enabled me to be able to improve my multitasking, so much so that I’m able to listen to it while doing something else, with no complications. Here are several ways in which music can help:

Are there social dysfunctions because of acquired brain injuries?

After the crash I simply couldn’t mentally process inbound information if there was another sound, like someoene else talking. I couldn’t even listen to a radio at the same time as typing, because I would get confused. However, with the “holy <beep>” realization came more than simply the change in self-perspective. Memories would almost-automatically move from short- to long-term, and I could listen to the radio (including CBC, in which they talk a lot) when typing. On the whole, the significance of that is monumental, in pretty much every respect. However, I’m kind of unique in that respect, when comparted to others who’d received an Acquired brain injuriy (ABIs).

Your help please

When I started writing this it was all me, but the introduction of ChatGPT changed things. I started this post by asking AI for some help, but I realized that by asking that it’s kind of silly. I’m not fully sure why the comment-field isn’t appearing. I’d love to hear your thoughts, but I’m afraid that you’ll need to use “conventional email” to do it! Please click this to email me at with your awesome ideas!

Why should someone with a brain injury try to do more than they were told they could do

Getting a brain injury is bad, of that there’s no doubt, but as Kerry said several years ago, with a change in perspective, things look differently. He’d said that lemons are first thought sour, and not necessarily the best. However, with a change of perspective what’s seen is pre-lemonade, which is awesome. I’m not saying that everything post-injury can be solved with a change in perspective, but rather that people who suffered one can do more than what might be first-thought.

What are the differences between Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injuries?

Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) are related in that a TBI is a type of ABI, but from a different perspective they’re technically different.

An ABI refers to any damage or injury to the brain that occurs after birth, but not necessarily caused by external physical trauma. Examples of ABI include stroke, brain tumors, anoxia (lack of oxygen to the brain), and infections such as meningitis or encephalitis.