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Mea Culpa – Changing gears


I recently had coffee with a friend, and he helped me understand something about my blog posts. He said the posts didn’t sound like me and he was right, because I had used ChatGPT-generated content. I realized that although I had written the first paragraph (only most of it, not all of it), that’s basically it. ChatGPT did the rest. My friend said that he wanted to hear my stories, the ones that I told him that came from my heart, the real-stuff about me and what’s going on around me — not simply AI-generated stuff.

That was a huge eye opener for me. I’m going to work harder to share my thoughts and feelings in my posts to get better at blogging, and write each and every one with my own words for you to read.

I’ve removed what I had published before, because it’s simply AI talking. I’m going to fully write each and every blog post myself, starting with the next one. I’m also changing the publication timing, because I’ll be writing (not AI), and I will be working with editors to help to make it awesome, so they’ll be on the 1st of the month. However, they’ll be about me, my injury, or something related to it. I’ll still use AI, but I won’t simply paste in a technical statement and publish what it says. I’ll describe something that I have thought, or something that I have noticed. The core will be me, helped by AI, but the ultimate version will have been proofed by who are good at that.

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