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Your help please

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When I started writing this it was all me, but the introduction of ChatGPT changed things. I started this post by asking AI for some help, but I realized that by asking that it’s kind of silly. I’m not fully sure why the comment-field isn’t appearing. I’d love to hear your thoughts, but I’m afraid that you’ll need to use “conventional email” to do it! Please click this to email me at with your awesome ideas!

The ideas can be pretty much anything, because nothing is what I won’t look into. I’ve learned a lot, both about myself, and the world, because of the injury. I’ve realized a whole lot, I’ve helped some people understand more about the injury, and I’d like to continue. However, I can’t without your help!

I’ve been writing these 3x per week for a while now, I’ve only got about a month of already-written ones, and I’ve realized that I’m running on empty idea-wise. This isn’t a generated-one, but one that I’ve written myself. I’ve only got what’s happened to me, what I’ve done since, and who I know. I’ve asking the world, what are some important topics or questions you think I should cover? If something about me, Can anyone suggest unique angles or personal stories related to acquired brain injuries that would make compelling blog posts?

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